Demonstrating Corporate Purpose in the Time of Coronavirus

Manley Deas Kochalski    April 17, 2020

What should a company’s purpose be when the purpose of so many, right now, is survival?

“Demonstrating Corporate Purpose in the Time of Coronavirus” from McKinsey & Company puts forth the idea that those who have carefully honed a sense of company purpose will find a foundation and set of values that can be applied to both business fundamentals and human support.  Actions taken during this time of crisis will shape corporate identity for years to come.

Considerations include:

  • Understanding how acute your stakeholders’ needs are right now: what are the most pressing demands?
  • Bringing your greatest strengths to bear: what will have the biggest impact?
  • Testing your decisions against your purpose: what does your gut tell you to do?
  • Involving your employees in the solution: how can you engage the future leaders of your company?
  • Leading from the front: what information can you provide now, even knowing it might change in the near future?

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